The Art of the Flower Flash with Lewis Miller of LMD on September 20th 5pm – 7pm


The Floral Effect: The Transformative Power of Flowers

Beautiful flowers can lift up our moods, cheer us up when we are sick and give us joy when we experience significant events such as weddings, birthdays and other occasions. They enhance our surroundings by bringing nature into our homes and changing our understanding of the world for even a moment.

As we go into the new fall season, five of our master florists will tackle the question of transformation and of how flowers can change our moods, our minds and more in touch with the rhythms of nature. A time of transition itself from summer to winter, each of our master florists will create a flower arrangement that reflects their unique sensibility, choosing flowers and vase together to reflect both seasonality and autumnal mood in their designs.

“The Flower Flash is our gift to New Yorkers. We began in October 2016. Our goal is to create a positive, emotional response through flowers. Seeing people’s reactions to our Flower Flashes emphasizes the basic goodness in all people and prioritizes compassion.” Lewis Miller, LMD

Renowned for his exquisite style and large-scale event work desired by New York’s top clients, Lewis may be best know these days for the gifts he has bestowed upon the city. The “Flower Flash” has become synonymous with Lewis Miller and his gorilla style installations all over New York. These fleeting installation tend to pop-up at the brink of dawn from Central Park to trashcans or construction sites all around Manhattan. Literally transforming the landscape of the city, these flashes also transform the lives of New Yorkers offering a spontaneous smile and a quick glance up from the daily life.

In this class Lewis will begin with a slide show of his flower flashes from the past year with anecdotes from the experiences. After, students will create their own personal flower flash arrangement appropriate for the students to take home with them.