The Romance of Spring with Atsushi Taniguchi on Wednesday, April 22 (10:00am – 1:30pm)


This 3.5 hour program will be a great introduction to the world of Atsushi Taniguchi and his love of flowers.  Atsushi will begin the program with a slideshow of his work, presenting through past work his passion for floral design, how he is influenced by nature and the seasons and the romance of French sensibilities.


Following the presentation, Atsushi will demonstrate his love for the spring season though flowers creating a beautiful design for students to recreate and take home. Atsushi will give design tips and feedback for the students to design a signature Atsushi arrangement. Following the design portion of the class, students will be able to take pictures of their arrangement in a stylized, vignette designed by Atsushi to capture their work, enjoy Japanese treats and sake and take time to chat with Atsushi.


With Spring in the air, and armed with buckets of seasonal delights, we will enjoy ‘The Romance of Spring’ with this influential master.


From an early age Atsushi Taniguchi dreamed of working in the movie industry, but quickly changed his focus after watching a particular film that illuminated the charm and beauty of flowers.  In 2000, he opened his iconic flower shop Jardin du I’llony in Kobe highlighting the romance of flowers and balance of nature. Following in 2002 he opened his second shop  “florist jardin du I’llony” in Ashiya and since then has worked with luxury brands like Cartier and Hermes for interiors, special event, and gift arrangements. In 2009 he expanded his vision producing FLOWBULOUS, a floral inspired magazine, and opened his 3rd and most recent shop in Paris in 2015. Atsushi’s unique style and approach to flowers is celebrated throughout the world and his abundantly lush look is irresistible for any flower lover.








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The Romance of Spring with Atsushi Taniguchi on Wednesday, April 22 (10:00am – 1:30pm)