Floral Design Program

The Floral Design Program is a career-oriented program made up of a select set of courses that prepares students for a career in the floral design business. The program consists of four weeks of classroom study including 17 foundation classes from beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes as well as workshops that focus on a particular genres of design such as event, wedding and sympathy design.
Also included is a business related course for students who are interested in opening their own flower shop or studio. Following the first four weeks, we offer a guaranteed two-week internship in one of New York’s best flower shops or studio. FlowerSchool NY works with each individual student to help place them in the best internship available depending in their interests and location.

The Floral Design Program is certified by the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision by the New York State Education Department. This certification indicates that the school is high end and career oriented.