Master Classes

FlowerSchool’s signature Master Class Series, these are one-time, two-hour classes taught by one of a variety of FlowerSchool Master Florists. These classes are suited for beginning level students and are open to all levels of skill. Here, students have the opportunity to work on an intimate basis with one of the world’s most well-recognized and celebrated designers. To learn more about our Master Designers, CLICK HERE.

Spring Interpretations
Spring 2018 Master Class Series
April is a transitional, sometimes conflicted, month saying goodbye to the cold and finally hello to the warm summer months. An in-between state, for some, April is “the cruelest month” as T S Elliot famously said in his poem “The Wasteland. ” For many of us it is a time of happy beginnings, possibilities and an awakening of what is to come. It is an opportunity to move forward, to experiment and to seek new outcomes. In this Master Class series our Master Florists will interpret their unique definition, understanding and perspective of spring through flowers.