Master Classes

FlowerSchool’s signature Master Class Series, these are one-time, two-hour classes taught by one of a variety of FlowerSchool Master Florists. These classes are suited for beginning level students and are open to all levels of skill. Here, students have the opportunity to work on an intimate basis with one of the world’s most well-recognized and celebrated designers. To learn more about our Master Designers, CLICK HERE.

The Power of Color

Winter 2018 Master Class Series

In this series we will celebrate the colors forecasted by Pantone to be on-trend and prominent for spring 2018. Since 1962 The Pantone Color Institute has set the gold standard for color trends in many of the visual fields including fashion, decorating, flower design, advertising and many other fields. The ‘power of color’ to evoke feelings such as desire, tenderness and delight has long held importance and influence both historically and socially; for example, we traditionally associate purple with royalty, red with passion and blue with masculinity.

For decades Pantone has recognized and reflected upon the ‘power of color’ often transforming and re-interpreting their traditional meanings. This winter we will allow our Master Designers to also reflect upon color and the effects color has on one’s design, style and meaning of work. They will each interpret a specific Pantone hue through the different shades of flowers to celebrate the “Power of Color” and the emotions suggested by the selected tone.