Master Classes

FlowerSchool’s signature Master Class Series, these are one-time, two-hour classes taught by one of a variety of FlowerSchool Master Florists. These classes are suited for beginning level students and are open to all levels of skill. Here, students have the opportunity to work on an intimate basis with one of the world’s most well-recognized and celebrated designers. To learn more about our Master Designers, CLICK HERE.


Locavore Flowers 

Fall Master Class Series

From Debra Prinzing’s Slow Flowers movement to Floret’s best selling book Cut Flower Garden and the surge of farmer florists around the country, over the past decade a new focus and passion for local and sustainable flowers has grown in priority for flower growers and consumers alike. To know where your flowers are coming from, reduce your carbon footprint, and use highly seasonal flowers has become significant characteristic for many in our industry. Just because you can receive a peony in July from Alaska, for many, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

This fall we are highlighting and celebrating this local flower movement with a new Master Class Series called Locavore Flowers. Focusing within a few hundred miles of NYC, the Master Designers featured the series will create unforgettable designs from only locally sourced flowers. Pulling from the best nature can offer within the northeast area (and perhaps a few homegrown highlights from personal fields), the fall is a wonderful time for floral bounty including beautiful dahlias, zinnias and other beauties of the season.