Flower Classes & Programs

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Introductory, Intermediate, Intensive, Advanced Design, Advanced Wedding and Flower Shop Series.


These classes include the Introductory, Intensive, Advanced Design, Advanced Wedding, and Flower Shop Series. Each series focuses on the principals of good floral design and are based on a gained-proficiency in proper techniques, flower procurement, flower conditioning and high end floral designs.


Introductory Series

This series of classes is intended for beginning-level students who have an interest in learning foundation level skills in floral design. Skills include how to correctly handle and care for flowers, how to use a floral knife and clippers, and the conditioning of flowers for optimal vase-life longevity. This series teaches simple, high-end designs that highlight the flowers’ most beautiful and unique characteristics. Once learned, these designs can be recreated at home again and again. The Introductory Series is designed to be taken as a series of four classes, and is the first four classes of our Intensive Series.

Tuition includes the floral designs that students create in each of the four classes, vessels, a floral knife, floral clippers, a FlowerSchool New York apron and FlowerSchool New York Handbook & Recipes. Students who take this series need not have had prior floral design training. A desire and interest in learning the floral basics are all that are required. Students will learn to master several impressive designs, all of which would be appropriate for an upcoming dinner party or social gathering.

Instructors: Beth Was Horta, Calvert Crary


Intensive Series

Our most popular Foundation Level course, the Intensive Series combines both the Introductory and Intermediate classes into a one-week course that makes up Classes 1-9. This series gives the student a mastery of nine different designs, as well as a buying trip to New York’s wholesale flower market on West 28th St. Each successive class strengthens previously learned skills and techniques and it builds to a comprehnsive undestanding of the industry’s best practices.

The Intensive Series includes a Rose Twist design, a Monofloral Twist design, a Composition Arrangement using florist’s foam, a Hand-tied Dutch arrangement, a Monochromatic Centerpiece Arrangement, a Hand-tied Bridal Bouquet and a Large-Scale Arrangement suitable for weekly corporate installations or home/restaurant decor. On Wednesday morning we take the class on a buying trip to the Wholesale Flower Market on 28th St to learn the intricacies of floral-buying. Here, students buy flowers alongside professional designers and speak directly with flower wholesalers. The last class of the series is an Introduction to Tablescaping, a class in which we create two table settings to teach students how designers combine flowers and table decor.

Classes are held from 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM daily, with a lunch break from roughly 1 PM to 2 PM. Wednesday’s class meets at 9:30 AM at the Flower Market on West 28th Street, and lunch is provided back at the school. Friday’s class ends at 1 PM.

Included in the tuition are: A FlowerScool New York work apron, florist’s clippers, a florist’s knife, a FlowerSchool New York notebook, FlowerSchool New York Handbook & Recipes, the vessels and the beautiful floral arrangements that are created in each class.

FlowerSchool New York promotes a flower shop-like environment where participation in conditioning flowers is required. Students will learn presentation and preparation skills to prepare flowers for display in a real flower shop setting. Finally, students will learn the importantance of leaving the design space clean and prepared each day for the following day’s work.

Students who take this series are generally looking for an opportunity to take a concentrated schedule of classes in order to learn Introductory and Intermediate level skills. This way the students fully immerse themselves in floral design and learn the daily activities of a productive floral designer.

Instructors: Beth Was Horta, Calvert Crary

Recommended reading: The Art of Floral Arranging: Learning from the Master Florists at FlowerSchool New York by, Eileen W. Johnson

Advanced Design

Advanced Design Series

Our Advanced Design Series follows our Intensive Series comprising Classes 10-13. In this two-day series, students will take their design skills to new heights. Previously, recipes and vessels were given to students so that technique was the focus. The Advanced Series gives students the tools to raise their design skills to the next level.

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “How do I know how many flowers it takes to fill a vase?” In this series, an array of flowers and color palettes are available to students who then choose accompanying vessels and create designs accordingly. Guidance is given based on color, texture and scale appropriateness, and new designer mechanic techniques are featured.

Students will learn insider techniques to create a Compote Arrangement, a Large-Scale Modern Arrangement, an Organic Vessel Arrangement, and an Elevated Centerpiece Design which is a bridge to the next series of classes, The Advanced Wedding Series. All of these techniques will give students another notch in their floral-belt bag of tricks.

Classes meet from 10:30 AM to 4 PM each day. Students will take home their beautiful arrangements from each class.

Instructors: Beth Was Horta, Calvert Crary, Laura Seita


Advanced Wedding Series

Our Advanced Wedding Series focuses on more advanced skills in the floral arts focusing on the wedding market. It presupposes knowledge of certain techniques such as proper flower processing, basic arranging and familiarity with the florist’s knife, as gained through FSNY’s Intensive Series. This Wedding Series includes step-by-step instruction of four wedding-specific design skills including: handwiring individual flowers for boutonnieres, corsages, and head wreaths; the design of a cascading bridal bouquet using handwiring techniques; large scale designs for ceremony decor; and the construction of a Chuppah from bare posts to a beautifully decorated floral delight for clients and guests alike!

Our students walk away form The Advanced Wedding Series with a great understanding of the workings behind designing beautiful weddings for happy brides!

Instructor: Laura Seita

[accordion-item title=”Signature Master Classes

One-time classes taught by leading Master Florists from around the world.


Signature Master Classes

FlowerSchool’s signature series, these are one-time, two-hour classes taught by one of a variety of Master Florists. These classes are suited for beginning level students and are open to all levels of skill. Here, students have the opportunity to work on an intimate basis with one of the world’s most well-recognized and celebrated designers. To learn more about our Master Designers, Click Here.

[accordion-item title=”Workshops

Industry specific and intended for serious enthusiasts and professionals.



Workshops are industry specific and are intended for serious enthusiasts and professionals. These classes provide advanced study in various subject matters such as Wedding, Sympathy and Event Design.

[accordion-item title=”Floral Design Program

A comprehensive series that prepares students for careers in the floral design field.


Professional Program

This is a carefully designed series of courses to prepare students for careers in the floral design field. At the culmination of the program students will have the foundation skills, techniques and design aptitude to work in any flower shop or design studio. The program includes all of the following required classes.

  • Intensive Series (Classes 1 – 9)
  • Advanced Design Series (Classes 10 – 13)
  • Advanced Wedding Series (Classes 14-17)
  • Floral Photography and Content Marketing
  • “Consultation to Execution” A Full Event Design Series
  • Flower Shop Tour
  • Flower Shop Series
  • Sympathy Workshop
  • Internship (50 hours)

[accordion-item title=”Extension Programs

Study Abroad classes and other special opportunities.


Extension Program

FlowerSchool provides unique experiences abroad visiting the world’s most vibrant floral communities. Click Here for more information about our 2017 European Tour.