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  • I can’t make myself available for 6 consecutive weeks! How can I complete the 6-week Floral Design Program and earn my Floral Design Certificate?
    We offer an option for potential students in these situations. You can register as an ‘interval students’. The Floral Design Program is New York Board of Education certified and after completing all of the required coursework, you will receive an official Floral Design Certificate, regardless of how long it takes. For example, a student may take half of the program in the Spring I session, and finish the other half in the Spring II session or take one week of programing over the 6 times it's offered over the year, making it a 6 week program.
  • I want to dive into my passion for floral design, but I’m not ready to commit to the full 6-week program. What do you recommend?
    The 6 week floral design program can be a big commitment! To get a small dose of what the full course is like, we often recommend shorter-term series, such as The Weekend Florist, the 5-Day Intensive Series, or even the 2-Day Introductory Series.
  • I love flowers as a hobby, and I am not particularly interested in a career in florals yet. Does FlowerSchool have a course for me?
    Our Introductory to Floral Design Classes are extremely popular, fun, and welcome to all! These classes typically only take an hour and a half, and they always follow a seasonal color palette, and trend-focused theme! You will learn how to make professional flower arrangements with a few easy tips.
  • I want to take a class at FlowerSchool, but I work full-time and none of the timing works for me! What can I do?
    This is exactly why FlowerSchool offers The Weekend Florist. This course is popular with those who have full time weekday commitments but also want to take their skills to the next level. This includes Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced. Take all 3, and you’ll end the course with an official FlowerSchool Certificate!
  • I want to celebrate a special occasion at FlowerSchool.
    Flower arranging is an amazing way to bond and have fun with your friends and family. We offer private flower arranging classes for your big day. With ample flexibility on color, style, and size preferences, we’ll customize your party and bring your vision to life! Additional organic and sustainable food, beverage, and bar packages are available through our sister company ILA Penthouse.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    We do! We have a couple of options for payment to make the experience as comfortable as possible for our students. Option #1: Floral Design Program Students may pay 50% of the total tuition for the first half of the program, and the other 50% by the end of the program. Option #2: Floral Design Program students may make weekly payments of $1,887.50, with the first payment on the first day of the program. These payments are due after the initial $600 deposit is paid.
  • Where can we stay nearby FlowerSchool?
    FlowerSchool works closely with the Selina Hotel, which is only a 10-minute walk from FlowerSchool, and just steps away from popular cultural hotspots like Hudson Yards, High Line, Madison Square Garden, and Chelsea Market. Click this link for 30% off any night stay, and enjoy a steep discount for long term stays of 14 nights or more.
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