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About FlowerSchool

FlowerSchool was established in 2003 has locations in New York City and Los Angeles California FlowerSchool is the place to begin your floral education and exploration into the world of contemporary floral arranging.

Offering a vast array of floral design classes, FlowerSchool New York brings the most sought-after designers from all over the world to teach our uniquely comprehensive programs. 

FlowerSchool is one of the many programs offered by The Institute of the Living Arts which is operated by Executive Director and Owner, Calvert Crary. 

Located in the heart of New York City, FlowerSchool New York is one of the most celebrated floral design schools in the world.  With Floral Design Classes, Event Design Classes and led by world renown designers.

Area & Resources

Places to Stay

New York City has been called a lot of things, and all of them are true!  In addition to NYC being the center all all things artistic, all things musical and all things culinary, it is also the center of the floral design world!  If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!  That is why florists come to FlowerSchool New York for their floral design training. 

See below for some insight into where to stay, where to shop, see flowers and what to do.

The team at Accent Décor has been designing and providing containers for many years. They try to work directly with florist to create containers to stay current with popular styles.

Accent Decor

Tom, at Caribbean Cuts, specializes exclusively grown in the tropics.
With farms in Puerto Rico and Hawaii, Tom can ship boxes of extremely unique and exotic product directly to you without having to
go through customs.

Caribbean Cuts

New York Flower Group, formally Dutch Flower Line, is one of the most knowledgeable wholesalers in the business stemming from the long growing tradition in Holland. This wholesaler always has fresh cut flowers that are grown worldwide.

New York Flower Group

One of the best wholesalers in NYC, Fleura Metz is fast and fresh.  Know for it's access to Dutch flowers, they also sell a wide variety of local, South American and California novelties. 

Fleura Metz

Jamali has some very unique vases and décor items that are a perfect
complement to most designs. Best of all, they can offer everything they
have in quantity.

Jamali Garden

Nuage Designs is the leader in couture linen rentals with over a decade servicing top event planners, celebrities and luxury hotels around the world.  From royal weddings to inaugural balls, Nuage Designs has been dressing the tables of some of the most prestigious events globally

Nuage Linen

One of the leaders in tableware for home and commerical use, Costa Nova has generouslly proved FlowerSchool with a full inventory for students to use for their tables and parties.

Costa Nova

Floral Vendors We Trust

Learning is a wonderful thing and we often learn as things evolve in our own lives.  But in order to create luxury, you must live luxury.  That is why FlowerSchool strives to proved the most spectacular experience.  Staying in a safe clean environment, working with the best vendors and creating the best possiuble expeirience is pinnicle.

What We Value

Helbraun Levey LLP

Helbraun Levey are the unoffical kings of hospitality and small business here in New York City.  They can handle everyting from getting started to grownth.

Harry Wigler CPA

Harry has a long list of small businesses.  He can help with more than just tax prep.  His team will do book keeping, insurance and much more insight into your business.

Calvert Crary

With over 25 years of owning small businesses in multiple states, Calvert is the perfect coach, advisor and consultant.  Reach out to him directly through the contact page to set up a time to consult. 

Professional Services

Meet The Team

Calvert Crary

Executive Director

Calvert Crary is the Executive Director of both FlowerSchool New York and FlowerSchool Los Angeles, and author of Flower School: A Practical Guide to the Art of Flower Arranging (Nov 2020).

An internationally recognized instructor and mentor, Calvert has taught programs across the United States, Holland, Mexico and Australia, and was this year’s judge for the prestigious PHS Philadelphia Flower Show.

Calvert has trained and coached thousands of students on how to work in the floral industry with top designers, start new businesses, or reorganize existing floral businesses into thriving careers.

Tara Sandonato

FlowerSchool Los Angeles Director

Tara is from the East Coast and has settled in Los Angeles.  

Francesca Cigola

Event Director

Francesca, a published author and art historian, inspires the events with Italian flair and passion.  

Sheri Amundson

Studio Manager

A graduate of FlowerSchools famed Floral Design Program and now handles the all things studio at FlowerSchool.  

Mia Lano

Marketing Associate

Mia is a graduate of FIT and former intern.  She has now joined the team and heads up both marketing and PR initiatives.  

Here at Flower School NY, we firmly believe that sustainability is essential to our mission of educating people about the beauty and importance of flowers. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and encouraging others to do the same. Proudly partnering with Filco Carting, FlowerSchool actively reduces its environmental impact by composting all of its green waste, including flowers, leaves, and food scraps. 

Sustainability Matters

Located in the heart of Manhattan’s art district, Selina Chelsea NYC is just steps from the best of New York City culture. Think popular cultural hotspots like Hudson Yards, High Line, Madison Square Garden, and Chelsea Market.

With a wide variety of programs and close proximity to FlowerSchool, this is an ideal spot for students to stay.


Click the link below for 30% any night stay or steep discounted rates for 14 night + long term stays

Selina Hotel

A residence for Women studding in NYC only, the Markle Residence is a great options for someone looking for a more apartment styled stay.  The building has a wonderful gym, cafe and a doorman. 

Located on 13th Street and 7th Avenue, the Markle is walking distance to FlowerSchool.  This residence is a favorite but requires a simple application and letter from FlowerSchool about your enrollment.  Please let us, or the Markle know, if you have any additional questions.

Markle Residence

With locations all around NYC (and the workd really, Air BnB is always available.  However, you are at your own risk as we have not vetted any flats.

Air BnB

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