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Whether you are beginning your journey into floral design or a seasoned enthusiast, FlowerSchool New York offers a variety of classes and programs designed to teach you the most contemporary designs, the best floristry practices, proven techniques and necessary skills for a successful career in the floral industry.

Professional Floral
Design Program

Certified by the New York State Board of Education, FlowerSchool New York’s Floral Design Program is a carefully designed series of courses that prepares students for a career in the floral design field. Developed by incorporating techniques and business strategies from our distinguished master florists, FlowerSchool is unparalleled in the world of floral design education. Beyond graduation, FlowerSchool offers continued support and job opportunities to get you the experience needed to continue your journey.

FlowerSchool New York is the most prestigious school for floral arts and flower design in New York, providing a vast array of floral design classes for flower enthusiasts and professionals alike.



As a leader in floral education, FlowerSchool New York is committed to sustainable business practices and alternative floral design methods that are beautiful, effective and environmentally conscious. It is our responsibility to teach designers the proper floristry techniques and industry practices, including sharing environmentally friendly methods and resources.

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FlowerSchool New York is pleased to partner with like-minded companies and non-profit organizations that share our mission for continuing education and passion for the creative world.


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I have recently completed the Flower Design course with your school and wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your outstanding program. The program was well organized, professional and gave me the hands on experience needed to start work in this career field.

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Located in Manhattan, we provide a rare experience to study in one of the worlds most inspiring cities.

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