The Power of Color: Cherry Tomato Pantone with Oscar Mora on 1/25!

According to the Pantone Institute, cherry tomato is a “tempestuous orangy red that exudes heat and energy. Demanding attention, this courageous, never to be ignored shade is viscerally alive.” Who better than Oscar Mora to teach a cherry tomato-toned class? Oscar was born and raised in Venezuela where he was surrounded by bright “viscerally alive”... Read more » More >>


The Power of Color: Little Boy Blue with Olivier Guigni on 02/01!

Among the rarest of the colors for flowers blue, is “suggestive of expansiveness and continuity.” This particular azure blue “…reassures us with the promise of a new day,” according to the Pantone Institute.  Olivier, having grown up under the azure blue skies of the South of France, is the perfect choice to work with this... Read more » More >>

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